About me

Ciao! My name is Pierluca D’Oro. I am a PhD student at MILA, supervised by Prof. Bacon and Prof. Bellemare. To get in touch, write me an email at <name>.<surnameWithNoApostrophe>@mila.quebec.

My research area is reinforcement learning. I am particularly interested in studying how an agent can intimately exploit knowledge about its own learning process.

I did my MSc at Politecnico di Milano, working on model-based reinforcement learning under the supervision of Prof. Marcello Restelli. Previously, I worked on generative models with Prof. Concetto Spampinato at the University of Catania, in my hometown in Sicily. I have also spent some time as an intern at NNAISENSE in Lugano, mainly working with Wojciech Jaśkowski on model-based reinforcement learning.


A picture of myself somewhere on Mount Etna